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KantoKollectors Stand


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This is the last stand you need to buy for your social media posts! The Kanto Stand is to card collecting what the snap back hat is to headwear…one size fits all!

PSA, Beckett (BGS), SGC, KSA, MNT, Ultra Pro, BCW, BCCG, Top Loaders, raw cards, whatever…it doesn’t matter because this stand can handle it!

The Kanto Stand is simple, all you do is loosen the thumb screw on the back support and adjust to your desired setting. Tighten the thumb screw and you’re ready to display!

Please be aware that these products are 3D printed and will have a texture on surfaces.  Please reference example pictures to get a better idea of what we mean! Any objects, cards, and cases displayed in the pictures are not included in the sale price of the stand, only the Kanto Stand themselves are for sale!


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